We want to help churches financially

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world hard. Businesses are closing down. Unemployment rates has hit an alltime high. Families don’t know how to pay their bills. And yes, churches was impacted as well.

Sixty-five percent of churches have seen a decline in giving since mid-March as congregations have halted in-person services due to the coronavirus, according to a new survey.

The “State of the Plate” survey released Wednesday (April 22) by the National Association of Evangelicals found the following:

  • 34% reported that giving had dropped between 10% and 20%.
  • 22% said the decline was between 30% and 50%.
  • 9% reported a drop of 75% or more in giving to their congregations.
  • 27% reported steady offerings.
  • 8% of churches said giving had increased

You can read the full article on this survey here.

TweenOvate wanted to do something to help churches financially. But where do one start? Thousands of churches are impacted, and a mere fundraiser won’t make a real impact. And to whom do you give these funds? It is a logistical nightmare.

This is why we decided to invest in an affilate software that can be used by churches, or even businesses and individuals, to create extra income through Tween Xstream. This way every church that registered as an affiliate will be financially rewarded for when someone subscribes to Tween Xstream under your affiliate link. And not only will you be rewarded financially, but you will also provide parents a great, trustworthy, platform that they can have confidence in that will minister to their kids’ hearts.

Lets face it. Kids today are being bombarded with worldly views every day. Christianity and the Bible has been pushed out of schools, and kids are only at church for an hour a week. That is not merely enough time to install great Christian values in them. But having a TV streaming platform that is available on their mobile phones and tablets will mean that they have access to Christian entertainment, TV shows, music, movies and devotionals anytime, anywhere.

It is a great alternative for other kids channels that we know do not promote Christian values.

If you are interested in become an affiliate for Tween Xstream, simply go to our Contact page and send us a message. We will send you through all the information you need.

Tween Xstream is launching 1 September 2020.