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In 2019 the Tween Xstream show Superheld 101 won first prize in the Reallusion Animation@Work international animation contest, and this year we reached more success with our show Don’t Be A Fool.

Don’t Be A Fool received third prize in this year’s competition in the ‘Educational Category’, and Tween Xstream is so proud to reach this type of success with yet another show on an international platform.

Animation@Work is an animation competition held by the animation software company Reallusion, inviting animators from across the world to create animations using their Cartoon Animator 4 software. There are hundreds of entries each year, making these achievements so much more special for Tween Xstream.

Don’t Be A Fool is a hilarious animation show about two characters Pete and Larry, that teaches kids in a very funny way verses in the Bible.

“Looking back at my childhood, we all watched Looney Toons”, says creator of the show Eon de Bruin.

“Road Runner and Wile e Coyote till this day remains one of the most memorable and funniest cartoons, and we wanted to create a show that teaches kids Bible verses with that same kind of tone and feel to it. It should be a show whereby kids can one day look back and say, ‘remember that episode of Don’t Be A Fool? It was hilarious.’ If we can achieve that, chances are that they will also remember the Bible verse that went along with that episode.”

Don’t Be A fool will be available on Tween Xstream in 2021, but to get a taste of this series we uploaded 1 episode for you right here.


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