Tween Xstream

We are so excited to announce that Tween Xstream received 2 awards last night at the Afri-Indie Independant Music Awards.  Both awards going to their pop music group Victory5.

Victory5 received 2 awards.  The first award was for their album Hoofstuk Een: 2013 – 2016, that won the Best Kids Gospel Album, and their second award was for their music video U Love Me 4 Me that won the Best Gospel Music Video.

Tween Xstream has already won 2 international animation awards for their shows Superheld101 and Don’t Be A Fool, and it is great to add 2 music awards to the cabinet as well.

“Our aim is to create top quality Christian entertainment for kids, both with our music artists as well as with our TV shows,” says Eon, owner and founder of Tween Xstream, “and to get recognised in this manner seems like we are doing something right.”

Both the Shining Star artists Sharise and Shaney was at the event ceremony in Centurion, South Africa last night.  With Sharise being one of the former Victory5 members, she joined Eon on stage to accept both awards.

Former Victory5 member Alida, who was part of the group during 2013 and 2014 is now a solo artist herself and also walked away with an award for Best Female Pop Single.  It was nice to have Alida, who was a first generation Victory5 member, posing for a photo with Sharise, who was a last generation member.

You can watch the Victory5 documentary on how this group was formed back in 2013 exclusively on Tween Xstream.  Every single music video as well as a few karaoke videos of Victory5 can also be enjoyed by kids on the platform.