Tween Xstream

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and one thing we all can do more with during this pandemic is joy and laughter. And that is why Tween Xstream will launch a brand new series this coming July called Laugh Wars.

The purpose of Laugh Wars is to help kids forget about all their troubles for a few minutes and to put a smile back on their faces.

The show is presented by Shining Star artists Sharise and Shaney and consists of 4 different challenges that they, and their teammates, must compete in.

The challenges are:


Sharise and Shaney must try to make each other laugh by telling funny dad jokes. You get a point if your opponent laugh.


Eon (from Team Sharise) and Mike (from Team Shaney) battles it out in a dance-off. Again, the purpose of this dance-off is to make your opponent laugh. if they do, you get a point.


This challenge is similar to Dance Break, but instead of a dance-off, it is a sing-off. Sharise will battle against Mike in this karaoke sing-off and you can expect songs from ABBA, Bee gees, Backstreet Boys and Lion King.


Shaney and Eon will draw celebrity names from a hat and must impersonate that celebrity to the best of their ability. If they succeed and make the other person laugh, they get a point.

Episode 1 of Laugh Wars will be available exclusively on Tween Xstream from 9 July 2021.

Your kids will LOVE IT!!!