Tween Xstream

Tween Xstream is so excited to announce our fourth Shining Star artist Dané. Dané is a 13 year old who comes from Pretoria, South Africa.

Tween Xstream subscribers may recognize Dané from our Talented Kids series that was released in December of 2020. Dané was very young back then and she really grew a lot since then.

We will start working on her first single and shoot her music video this year, and she will join the rest of the Shining Star artists on stage as from next year. You will also be able to catch her very own TV series exclusively on Tween Xstream from January 2023.

We asked Dané a few questions so that you can get to know her a little better.

  • Q) What is your favourite show on Tween Xstream?
  • A) Talented Kids
  • Q) Favourite food?
  • A) Lasagne and salad
  • Q) Favourite Band/Artist?
  • A) Demi-Lee Moore
  • Q) Favourite Colour?
  • A) Blue
  • Q) Hobbies
  • A) Hockey and singing
  • Q) Any hidden talents?
  • A) Double jointed
  • Q) What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • A) To be a professional singer and actress. If all else fail I would like to become a pediatrician because I have a very soft spot for children
  • Q) Favourite Bible verse?
  • A) Psalms 23

Here are some behind the scenes photos from Dané during the filming of her Talented Kids episode.