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Thank you for expressing interest in participating in the Tween Xstream Affiliate Program. We are looking for individuals, businesses or churches to help us spread the message of Tween Xstream and provide kids with top quality Christian entertainment with biblical values parents can trust.

Program Highlights Include the following:

  • Create your own passive income.
  • Depending on the subscriber’s membership option chosen, you will earn $1 commission monthly or $10 annually on every referral for as long as the subscriber is active.
  • If your monthly commission exceeds the $50 mark, meaning you have more than 50 active subscribers, we will double your commision for that month.
  • 30 day cookie.
  • Frequently updated banners
  • View your referrals in real time in your own dashboard.


Commissions will be paid out on a monthly basis through Paypal. All affiliates must have a Paypal account to receive their commisions
There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that we are planning to expand Tween Xstream to an international audience and make the affilate program open to anyone around the world. It will make sense to get the right systems in place now to avoid account transfers later. The second reason is with the future expansion in mind, we looked for the right affilate platform that will suit our needs. We found it in WP Affilate Manager, which has a built in mass payment system to make payouts fast, easy and reliable. They do this through Paypal, and thus the reason for paying commissions to Paypal accounts.
You can open a Paypal account by simply visiting You can follow the easy steps on their website to create your own account.
This is in fact very easy. Once you have created your Paypal account, you can link your account to your bank debit card. You can then transfer your moneys to your bank account directly from Paypal. It normally takes 2 working days for your money to clear and show in your bank account.