Here is a list of FAQ. If you do have any other questions, feel free to visit our Contact page to send us your question.

Due to regulations by the South African Reserve Bank, South African payment gateways (in our case we use Payfast) may not receive monies in any other currency accept for South African Rands (ZAR). In order for us to make Tween Xstream available to anyone all around the world, we needed to implement a currency converter in our checkout process. This means that at the time of checkout, your currency will first be converted to South African Rand (ZAR). This amount (in ZAR) will be billed to you every month. Due to the exchange rate that fluctuate regularly, you monthly installment may differ by a small margin each month.
You can cancel your account by clicking on ‘My Account’ in the top tab. In the new window you can click on ‘My Subscription’ in the ledthand side tab. Then you can simply click on “Cancel” button next to Actions.
Yes. your child is completely protected on our platform. We ensure this by not taking any data from any child. It is the parents that create the account. Secondly, users of the platform can’t contact other users, or view any information of them such as their profile. All that other users can see is their username and profile picture. And finally, all comments that are left on any videos or shows must first be approved by Tween Xstream before it will go live. If anyone post a comment we deem not suitable, we decline the post.
Currently we are releasing 2 brand new videos per week. Mondays we release a new 1 minute devotional video, and Fridays we release a brand new episode. Our goal however is to increase this to 4 or 5 videos per week in the near future.